Friday, September 24, 2010

sonic boom records


Service with a smile is hard to come by at most independent local record stores.  More often than not, these visits are punctuated by the glowering stares of surly clerks hell bent on revealing how tragically unhip the rest of us are.  Why then, was a grin plastered on the face of the guy situated behind the counter at Sonic Boom Records?  More than likely, it’s because he works at the record store Rolling Stone recently rated as one of the top 25 in the United States.

Sonic Boom’s Capitol Hill location, conveniently situated in Melrose Market,  rocks a spacious, well-lit interior, high ceilings and rows of racks neatly crammed with a diplomatic mix of obscure and mainstream music.  Vinyl collectors will appreciate the store’s solid record selection and used c.d.’s abound to tempt even the most frugal budget. 

By supporting local record stores like Sonic Boom, the tangible music experience lives on.  And the service is undoubtedly friendly.  Take note, aloof hipster music clerks:  Nice is the new black.

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