Friday, September 24, 2010

still liquor


Many a thirsty soul has ventured through the doors of Still Liquor without setting foot inside the bustling Melrose Market shops above.  Hidden away in a den-like space on the market’s lower level, Still’s blink and you’ll miss it entrance fronts the back side of the market building.  

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry finds his date attractive under low lighting but can’t stand to see her in broad daylight?  He should have taken her to Still.  The dimly lit interior relies heavily on candlelight once the sun goes down.

Still’s austere backdrop is softened by an inviting honey-stained bar and a few mismatched vintagey velvet chairs lending a saloon-like vibe to the place.  The crowd here is diverse; but unanimous in their approval of the friendly, skilled bartenders and strong, inventive drinks with names like Minor Mule, Bitter Swede and Dragon’s toe.  Muddled cucumber is the trend of the moment, described as ‘unexpected’ and ‘refreshing’.


Head to Still for happy hour when drinks are cheap and filtered sunlight streams in from the western sky, bathing the space and its inhabitants in a diffused glow. 

The downside:  they bar does not serve food.  The upside:  candlelight is infinitely flattering.

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