Friday, September 24, 2010

marigold and mint


Marigold and Mint owner, Katherine Anderson, understands loveliness in every nuance of the word.  An enticing smattering of sweet nothings such as handmade soaps, baubles, trinkets, richly colored ribbons and French chocolates, are visible proof.  Her artful selection of handmade treasures serve as the backdrop for a weathered farmhouse table laden with bowls, baskets, pails, vases and jars, all spilling forth with vibrant flowers and organic fresh produce.


Back in the 50’s Katherine’s grandfather bought 30 acres on the Snoqualmie River, land her dad now owns and operates as Oxbow Farm.  Katherine utilizes a portion of the acreage for growing the flowers which briefly make their way into her shop before being plucked up by devoted customers.  Trained as a landscape architect, Katherine welcomed the opportunity to showcase her creativity in a more urban setting.  The shop acts as her canvas, an evolving still life where the edible and fanciful converge in a daily dance of color and texture. 

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