Friday, September 24, 2010

bar ferd’nand


Sidle up to the counter for a glass of wine at Bar Ferd’nand and you have no doubt secured the best perch for people watching in Melrose Market.  Find out who was lucky enough to score a coveted table at nearby Sitka & Spruce, breath in the fragrance of freshly cut flowers at neighboring Marigold and Mint or keep a running tally of the pristine cuts of meat exchanging hands across the way at Rain Shadow Meats.  


Matt Dillon sagely partnered with sommelier Marc Papineau and wine aficionado Jared Baily in creating this this ‘rustic meets utilitarian’ space in the heart of Melrose Market.  The bar is cleverly positioned as a pit stop on the trail to Sitka & Spruce.  Waiting for that table to open up?  Why not while away the hours squarely positioned just outside the the restaurant, a drink in one hand and a menu of seafood predominant, Spanish-style small plates to tide you over.  No less appealing on its own, Bar Ferd’nand attracts the well-heeled and hipsters alike. 

Bonus:  The adjacent wine shop offers a solid selection of great wines at reasonable prices.  Bartenders are knowledgeable and occasionally offer tastes of wines sold in the shop.

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