Thursday, February 23, 2012

pajama party

Moving to Paris meant relinquishing our easy way of life as we bade ‘au revoir’ to our big house, bathtub, working dryer, car, and language.  Granted, we didn’t truly give up our native tongue.  The most obvious outlet on that front is speaking to one another.  After a long day of butchering the French language, it sure is nice to come home and speak English.  I’ve noticed, as well, that Annabelle is a regular motor mouth after a long day at school.  I try to always pay attention and only occasionally ask her take a breath or play the ‘quiet game’.

Our most recent outlet is the discovery of The American Library in Paris.  It was recommended by my lovely French friend who hosts impressive dinner parties and offers excellent advice on navigating French culture.  Because she lived in New York, she has scouted out many of the good American resources in Paris in order to keep her girls connected with their upbringing on US soil. 

annabelle riding the metro to her first pajama party in paris

The American Library is a dream come true.  They boast an outstanding children’s wing with the bubbliest, most adorable librarian ever.  Think Phoebe from ‘Friends’ but smart.  She is passionate about reading and hosts fabulous events for children based on American traditions and holidays.  We love her. 

DSC_6859 making cootie catchers at the american library in paris

Our first event at the library was a pajama party with story time, popcorn, m&m’s, games and a dance party.  All the little bookworms looked precious in their jammies and Annabelle had an absolute blast.

DSC_6851  dance party in the library… in pajamas!

The event wrapped with a lot of balloon popping, books as prizes and popcorn everywhere.  Annabelle selected enough reading material to fill her book bag to the brim and her heart with joy.

Happiness is a good book on a cold winter’s day.

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