Sunday, January 1, 2012

a good year

After our short but sweet visit in Holland, we returned to Paris just in time for New Year’s festivities.  We weren’t sure what to do or where to go, but figured we’d find a way to celebrate, regardless.

Every good party deserves great champagne, a crusty baguette, some stinky cheese and frou-frou dessert to round out the offerings.   To this we added the necessary essentials to tide us over until grocery stores reopened on January 2nd. 

all dolled up for new year’s eve

When midnight drew near, we made our way toward the Seine, champagne in hand, and found ourselves situated squarely on the Pont des Arts, surrounded by fellow revelers.  This pedestrian bridge across the Seine was packed like sardines with friends, families and lovers all eagerly awaiting the stroke of midnight…

DSC_6598 this really is midnight in paris

As the countdown ensued, each and every gaze turned toward the Eiffel Tower.  Annabelle was giddy with anticipation as she awaited her first French fireworks…  3, 2, 1… “Happy New Year!  Bon Annee!',” everyone shouted as champagne corks popped and lips locked. 

DSC_6592 a pint-sized photographer captured our new year’s smooch

At midnight, the Eiffel tower sparkled with thousands of tiny lights.  People stared expectantly but no fireworks erupted.  Not a one.  It was strangely disconcerting, this relatively subdued entry into the new year.  On the plus side, we were in Paris, drinking champagne on the Seine, with a picture perfect view of the Eiffel tower.  Our bellies were full of good food and we had each other.  No fireworks display could top that.

bon annee from paris!

On January 1, Naud and I awoke on the kitchen floor.  This was no accident, nor was it a case of too much champagne at work.  It was a deliberate attempt to remove ourselves from the deafening street noise that had transpired the night before.  Naud preemptively lugged our mattress into the kitchen, which faces an inner courtyard, and we drifted off to the soft hum of our tiny refrigerator. 

At some point in the night, we awoke to the sounds of a lot of shouting and a loud crash.  An SUV had slammed into a nearby railing and a real live chase ensued.  Naud watched from the window as police pinned down and hand-cuffed two bad guys on the street, just below our apartment.  How’s that for a little new year’s drama? 

In less dramatic news, it was a tremendous relief to feel a sense of homecoming upon our return from Holland.  We weren’t sure if we would, seeing as the past month has had something of a nomadic feel to it.  In two days, Annabelle will go back to school, Naud to work, and I will find my rhythm, slowly but surely. 

Happy New Year, dear ones.


  1. Happy New Year Sarah and family! I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. Wonderful memories flood back of our trip to Paris--especially last Bastille Day celebrating my 50th and Logan's 22 birthday on the Seine on a wonderful dinner cruise. The fireworks were outstanding. I suggest you all plan to make the Bastille Day dinner cruise. Very relaxing. No crowds. And the best seat in the house to view the fireworks. They dock across from the Eiffle Tower. Thanks again for your pictures and beautiful thoughts. Rachel Sanders

  2. Hi Rachel,

    So good to hear from you. Happy New Year to you and your family, as well!

    We think of you every time we walk on Rue de Buci. It was so fun to run into one another, back then!

    Thank you for your Bastille Day suggestion. If we aren't visiting the States then, we will definitely look into that option!

    So glad you are enjoying the blog!

    xoxo Sarah