Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this is how we do it

Ahhh, Saturday.  After days on end battling illness on the home front, Annabelle showed some mild signs of improvement.  Whatever bug it was that she picked up, it was nothing short of tenacious. 

In what seems to be becoming a habit around here, we spent a great deal of Saturday doing nothing.  I seized the opportunity to get some writing in, figuring that with Annabelle home for Christmas break the following week, I wouldn’t find much spare time to write.  Naud gamely obliged and the two bundled up and headed to the park.

DSC_6132 hurry up, dad!

My dear husband was a saint for braving the December chill and drizzle to cheer up our little invalid (merci beaucoup, mon cheri).  Much like Seattle, winter isn’t exactly park weather in these parts.  It was a labor of love and we have the pictures to prove it was well worth the effort.

DSC_6133  ready for a soggy good time?

The playground at Jardin du Luxembourg charges an entrance fee for children and their parents.  For this reason, many parents opt to sit on benches just outside the playground fence.  These seats afford a front row view and easy access, should any problem arise.  The attendant at the entrance also sells sweets, including small sacks filled with an assortment of bonbons for just one Euro.  It’s brilliant, really.  Give them their sugar fix, then let them loose in the park to burn it off.

DSC_6136 back at the top of her game

Another fun park attraction are the two-person swings (les balancoires) in little fenced in ‘cages’, where parents can safely push their children and no one gets hurt.  The swings are also pay-per-use, but the lady in charge was kind enough to give Annabelle an extra long ride. 

DSC_6138  feeling green?

Last but not least was the carousel, where parents huddled together to brave the chill while their happy children went round and round. 

DSC_6148une petite fille plus heureuse (a very happy little girl)

In the evening, the rain cleared up and I headed out for a much-needed run.  I can’t decide whether I prefer morning or evening runs best.  Both have so much to offer.  The evenings remind me of past visits to Paris and the sense of belonging I felt when I forged my own path through the city.  With the city all dressed in its holiday finery, I can’t help but pause and snap a photo here and there.  All the stopping and starting may not keep my heart rate up but it’s by far my favorite way to see the sights.

The following snapshots were captured using my mobile phone camera, on a Saturday evening run in the city of lights:

notre dame best  christmastime at notre dame, where a very tall tree flanks the entrance

street with pretty lights 2 this charming little street is strung from end-to-end with sparkling lights

pantheon mist approaching the pantheon from the only hill i’ve found in paris

pantheon night pantheon by night – tres magnifique!

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