Wednesday, April 21, 2010

good food in juneau

Silverbow Bagels – I probably eat these bagels once a day when in Juneau.  This cozy shop serves up super tasty bagels and delectable homemade desserts.  Their sandwiches can be customized with a a myriad of fixings.  The hippy dippy bagel, my favorite, is both nutritious and delicious.  For your sweet tooth, try their Alaskan Spice cake and irresistibly yummy mint brownies.

Heritage Coffee Co. – Heritage coffee is to Juneau what Starbucks is to Seattle.  The difference is consistency but I let that slide for nostalgia’s sake and for lack of alternatives, not to mention the inherent charm of human err.  They used to have more of a sit down menu but the food offerings have dwindled so now I just go for my daily cappuccino.  

Twisted Fish Company – This is the place to go for fish.  The service is outstanding, the setting light and bright with warm varnished wood throughout.  Food is fresh and well-prepared and they serve delicious homemade bread ‘knots’ with your meal.  Last summer, I ordered seared halibut with a huckleberry chutney.  It was sublime.  The wine list is just okay.  The real downside is that the restaurant is seasonal, open only from May – October.

The Hangar on the Wharf – Go for the halibut and chips and make sure to pay extra for tempura-style.  This restaurant is run by the owners of the Twisted Fish meaning you can expect a similar standard of quality and service.  The salads are fresh and the atmosphere is lively with a picturesque view of the Gastineau Channel.  Their beer selection is extensive with over 20 on tap.  Interestingly, you’ll find a bottle of malt vinegar on every table as an homage to the seasonal plethora of British patrons who work on cruise ships during summer months.  Apparently, the Brits like to dip their fries in the stuff.  

Paradise Cafe – This darling bakery, across from the wharf, has a retro cowgirl theme and the sweetest staff around.  They also have the best sweets around.  I buy their pastries even when I’m not hungry and then tuck them away to accommodate my late night sweet tooth.  I have yet to try their lunch fare but it all looks homey and satisfying. 

Seong’s Sushi Bar – When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved the chicken soup from Seong’s.  Too bad I was in Seattle.  Chicken soup may sound like an odd thing to offer at a Sushi joint but it sells out every night.  The soup is loaded with Japanese-style noodles, fresh veggies, and chicken breast in a clear broth.  Their sushi is outstanding, too, with fresh fish shipped in daily.  The owners are gracious and accommodating and the clientele is mostly comprised of locals.

Alaskan Fudge Co. – Yum.  Only an iron will could resist walking into this shop as the scent of warm chocolate, butter and cream wafts out the door.  While you wait in line, you can watch as they make the fudge in big copper pots.  I recommend the penuche, glacier chip, and divinity.  I also recommend gifting this fudge as they can shrink wrap it for you and it will last up to two weeks.  Who wouldn’t love the gift of fudge from Alaska.  It beats getting a tee-shirt, which they sell in their adjacent gift shop. 

Rainbow Foods – We do most of our grocery shopping here when visiting Juneau.  They carry a good selection of organic foods and fresh produce and their small but tasteful selection of artisanal cheeses and cured meats is a bonus.  The prices are steep for some items, reasonable for others.  During they week, they offer a number of organic lunch specials and wholesome baked goods.  The berry scones are a favorite.

Fred Meyer – It’s not local but they have an impressive organic section and it is definitely the economical way to eat organic in Juneau.

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